The Experienced Yoga Teacher's

Guide to Becoming a

7 Essential Elements for
Planning a 200 Hour Training

Are you frustrated trying to create a Yoga Training?
You don't have to do it alone!

Yoga Teacher,
Is this you?

  • You've been teaching yoga for a while now and you deliver a great class and have happy students
  • You're ready to use your experience and skills and increase your income
  • You want to expand your offerings by offfering yoga teacher training but can't find the time to develop the program
  • You've considered writing a YTT but the research quickly becomes overwhelming
  • You're longing for some guidance from an experienced Trainer, someone who doesn't see you as competition, so you can move forward in an efficient and professional way

You are in the right place!

Join Claire and Aruna for a fun and free guided series designed specifically for experienced Yoga Teachers. Learn how to successfully make the transition to Yoga Teacher Trainer.

The Experienced Yoga Teacher's Guide to Becoming a Trainer is a comprehensive workbook accompanied by a series of helpful emails. Every day this week, you'll receicve an insightful message containing a simple checklist, reflection, or assessment worksheet to mentor you.  These resouces will help you figure out IF you are ready to lead a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, HOW to start, and WHAT options are available to you on your path to expanding yoga business and becoming a Trainer. 

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 Find Out All Your Options to Becoming a Trainer

Meet Aruna and Claire, experts in your corner

Experienced Yoga Teachers, Trainers and Yoga School Owners 

We'll take you behind the scenes of planning and developing a Yoga Teacher Training

We've helped dozens of teachers around the world launch their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training quickly and simply.

Our Training has all 5 Star reviews on Yoga Alliance.

We know how to get a school approved by Yoga Alliance (though you don't have to register with Yoga Alliance if you don't want to).

We also know that there are many amazing and qualified yoga teachers being denied the opportunity and income from Yoga Teacher Training.  It's not because of their teaching skills, it's because of their busy schedule, administrative limitations, or writing blocks!

If you're an experienced yoga teacher, you'll want to know your options to becoming a Trainer with this free Guide.

What You'll Get:

1. Trainer Readiness Checklist
2. The Financial Opportunity (Worksheet)
3. Curriculum Checklist
4. Tools for Delightful Delivery
5. Who's on your Team? (Assessment)
6. Choosing a Training Schedule (Samples)
7. Action Plan (Template)

Find out what you need to know about yoga teacher training from two experienced trainers who have helped dozens of teachers worldwide launch their 200 hour training
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  • Guide to Becoming a Yoga Trainer
  • Free

    For Experienced Yoga Teachers

  • Download the Printalble Guide
  • Checklists and Worksheets
  • It's like having a Mentor!

Praise from Trainers who Launched their YTT

 "If you're curious about the Trainer Program from Ambassador Yoga, I highly recommend that you jump in and sign up. I did and I don't regret it. Claire and Aruna are right there for you every single step of the way so that you can start offering 200-hour trainings to your students! It's done in such a way that it's easy to follow, the manuals are very clear and concise and broken down into simple lesson plans so you can be at your best and that your students can receive the best from their training.
 I would say dive in you won't regret it.." 
Lead Trainer - Awakening Grace

 "We're about to run our 200-hour yoga teacher training for the third time, and we are using once again the Ambassador yoga manuals and curriculum. Claire and Aruna have set out a beautifully comprehensive in-depth manual and training program with everything that you need to run your training

Owner/Lead Trainer - Sadhana Yoga

 "I just want to say thank you guys. I feel  like everything is so well put together. And I'm just  super excited to be delivering this training because I feel like my students are going to come out with like a top notch training, with great tools in their belt.
So thank you." 

E-RYT 500 - Salty Dog Yoga & Surf