Teach Yoga to Teens
50 Hour Certification + Workbooks to offer a Teen Leadership Program

Teen Leadership Overview  
This turn-key program will prepare you to teach yoga to tweens and teens using 8 Workbooks you can customize and brand for your studio, business, school, or athletic team. 

You’ll be able to guide teens through the Leadership Program to create meaningful impact in your community, inspire youth and generate more revenue for your business.

Free Info Session + Webinar:
5 Essential Elements to Teach Teen Yoga
As a yoga teacher, school teacher, coach, parent or counselor, we invite you to explore our 5 Essential Elements to Successfully Teach Teens in this Free Webinar and learn about our highly reputable, successful, interactive and practical Teen Yoga program for youth in your community.

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The Teen Yoga + Leadership was the second most lucrative offering in our yoga studio, following our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

A Ready-to-Teach Teen Yoga Program
We’ll show you exactly how we find students, keep enrollment at capacity, and so many easy to implement offerings that branch from this program to generate a variety of revenue streams for your business.

Who is the Program for?
This program was intentionally created for:

     - Yoga Teachers,
     - School Teachers,
     - Team Coaches,
     - Youth Counselors,
     - Guide or Scout Leaders,
     - Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents to tweens and teens,
     - and anyone wants, or can’t find, a yoga program for tweens and teens.

You do not have to be a yoga teacher to take this program.  After developing the Tween/Teen Leadership program at our studio, we were consistently being invited into classrooms, hockey rinks and soccer fields to teach yoga to students, clubs, and athletes. It spread us so thin, we realized how important the Leadership Program is and that we need to share this unique system with everyone working directly with youth.

Elevate Youth to Teen Yogis and Community Leaders

Learn how to bring meaningful techniques and strategies to Youth in your community while expanding your business by joining our 4 month self-paced certification to specialize in teaching yoga to teens.

Class Schedule and Format 

This program is structured with both Self-Paced and Live Training on Zoom to give you maximum support and flexibility to offer a successful Teen Program.  Here's what's included: 

  •  8 hours of live group training with replays (see details below),
  • 2 hours personal coaching,     
  •  8 Illustrated + customizable workbooks (already customized in 3 ways for yoga classes | athletes | catholic schools),      
  • Complete teachers guide,     
  • Business tips and revenue building support for your studio, team or school,      
  • Leadership opportunities for youth.     
  • 40 Hours of Self-Paced Recordings showing you how to teach the 48 yoga poses and 16 guided yoga practices

Live Training Begins January 15, 2023

  • Monday, Jan. 15, 6 - 8 pm EST: Promote Teen Yoga
  • Saturday, Feb. 24 , 9 - 11 am EST: Teen Yoga Program Elements
  • Monday, March 18, 6 - 8 pm EST: Teen Yoga Teaching Methodology
  • Saturday, April 20, 9 - 11 am EST: Leadership Opportunities for Teens 

Can't make it?  Watch the replay!
Certification includes lifetime access to all self-paced recordings, live class recordings, and resources.

You'll get insights from experienced Teen Yoga Teachers , encouragement, business tips and action plans to plan, promote and lead this program. 

Between the live sessions, you'll be encouraged to review the online materials, concepts, philosophies and techniques. 

This course and these inspired business practices will awaken your passion for change making, supporting youth and sharing yoga's healing benefits with tweens and teens. 

The time is now to get the tools, system, workbooks, business tips and mentorship you need to bring yoga to youth. ​ Use this simple and supportive program to engage with our future leaders and influence your community.

Be Exceptional
Teens often lose their practice at this age because of distractions or obligations, but more so, most are at risk of not ever beginning a yoga journey due to lack of offerings.    

All teens benefit from a consistent and well structured discipline that is accessible AND supports physical well-being, emotional balance and mental growth.

 You CAN consistently and effortlessly share yoga’s healing reach by offering physical (body and breath) and philosophical (visualization, meditation and virtue) based practices that support our future leaders      

Connect with teens in your community by offerings a place to meet, move, explore, reflect upon their practice and  the complexities of their school and home life.  

Make your place, be it a yoga studio, educational center, athletic field, guidance office or home, THE place that offers our future leaders consistent support, awareness, coping strategies and opportunities for growth.    

Bring unparalleled credibility in yoga teaching standards and practices into your professional life. This certification gives you the exact resources to offer to teens plus live teachings and video support to help you impact youth and grow your business. Easily customize these resources to your yoga studio, school or athletic team brand.

According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 1 in 3 of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder

'This teen program has helped my daughter deal with her anxiety in a positive way that has benefited all areas of her life, including home and school’.

'I have learned that no matter what the situation, there is a light within me and I have been taught how to bring it out so that is why I love yoga so much'.

'I always feel calm after doing my practice. We often learn new breathing techniques and postures and I enjoy how in depth we go to learn how they help your body'.

Teaching Teens Yoga is a Path Forward  

Simple, accessible movements and long deep breathing are known to:    

  • Reduce stress and stress related diseases, 
  • Balance hormones and emotions,
  • Improve sleep, focus, concentration, motivation and academic results 
  • Regulate nervous system and impulse control, 
  • Increase body awareness, posture, confidence, motivation and athletic performance     

Get all the resources + support you need to teach yoga to teens    

We are not giving you ideas and templates. This complete program includes:

  • Website copy to promote your program,      
  • The exact workbooks that have been used internationally for over a decade in yoga studios, schools and athletic environments that include all the tips and techniques to practice, the philosophy concepts,      
  • Workbook customization support for your student resources      
  • And supporting teaching methodology videos for all 8 limbs of yoga. 
You'll Also Learn
  • Simple ways to increase teen community involvement,      
  • Business tips about how to offer teens consistent leadership opportunities
  • Strategies to create compassionate communities and change lives 

Join us in exploring this impactful and important wisdom

and learn how to quickly and easily share it with youth

Are you a Registered Yoga Teacher?    
This program counts as 50 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits 

Work with Schools, Studios and Athletic Clubs
to increase performance, attendance and confidence

Because this program includes all the techniques training, teaching methodology and business resources required to easily implement a sustainable and successful teen yoga program, no yoga experience is required. ​

Everyone working with Youth will love and benefit from this program

After this training, you will be able to:

Confidently teach all 8 limbs of yoga to teens (in any environment) including breath and body awareness plus mindfulness and meditation

  1. Create  a variety of meaningful and impactful community offerings for youth,    
  2. Brand and promote your own studio, school or team yoga program,    
  3. Bring skills and strategies to your community that will improve their physical, emotional and mental health,    
  4. Establish important and necessary relationships and networks for youth,

Grow your revenue by developing structured, purposeful classes that generate reliable income and full enrollment

Plus, you'll get everything you need to teach yoga to teens in your online portal

Certification Includes:

  • 8 hours of live group training,
  • 2 hours personal coaching, 
  • 8 Illustrated + customizable workbooks (already customized in 3 ways for yoga classes | athletes | catholic schools), 
  • Complete teachers guide,
  • Business tips and revenue building support for your studio, team or school,  
  • Leadership opportunities for youth.
  • 40 Hours of Self-Paced Recordings showing you how to teach the 48 yoga poses and 16 guided yoga practices

Be a part of  a global community of youth yoga teachers 
and change makers

4 Month Online Teen Yoga + Leadership Certification Program Supporting Videos Include:
  •  8 yoga philosophy concepts      
  • 50 Yoga Pose Techniques Training videos      
  • 8 Guided Meditations and Reflections      
  • 8 Breathing Techniques, some for energizing, some for relaxing      
  • 8 Mantras for making positive affirmations a daily habit      
  • 8 Mudras for grounding and  mind + body connection    
Get Instant Access! Begin using these resources upon registration. Let's teach yoga to teens

Program Bonuses

Meet Your Trainers 

Yoga Teachers through and through! From teaching both children and adults in  our homes, studios, community centres, sports fields and schools,  Aruna pointed out to Claire how often teens loose their practice when hey got distracted by school obligations,  part time jobs, and social relationships or lack of offerings.

Claire responded by adding a teen drop in class to her studio schedule. The class was met with great enthusiasm, but minimal, unreliable attendance UNTIL we figured out the 5 elements that kept teens engaged and committed to their practice. This formula strengthened our impact in the community, created a reliable income stream and really helped teens and their families.

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

Aruna graduated from her first training in 1998 and has been teaching yoga full time since 2001. She founded Young Yoga Masters, Registered Children’s Yoga School in 2012.

Her strengths in tech, business and design have been fundamental in creating the professional resources at Ambassador Yoga, the birthplace of the internationally taught Teen Yoga + Leadership program.

Aruna met her husband in a meditation group. They live in Ontario, Canada.

Claire Louise Smith

Claire is the owner of Yoga Truly studio, offering the Ambassador 200 hour Training and Teen Yoga + Leadership program since 2014.

Over the years she has refined the Teen Program so it can be used in studios, schools and athletic environments. This program can now be taught by anyone working with youth including yoga and school teachers, guidance counsellors, social workers, coaches and parents.

Claire lives with her husband and 2 teenagers in Nova Scotia, Canada.

"The program that Claire and Aruna have put together is comprehensive, thoughtful and full of detail, they have literally thought of everything and they delivered it with so much compassion and encouragement. They have a tremendous amount of integrity. They are progressive and proudly and emphatically advocate for diversity and accessibility for all".

"My experience with Ambassador Yoga was excellent. My lead instructor, Claire and Aruna are knowledgable, professional, kind, and authentic. The program was organized and detailed. It was clear that a lot of time, research, care, and experience was put into developing such a well rounded curriculum".

Aruna is an internationally recognized expert in teaching kids yoga and a speaker and trainer around the world.

Claire is a highly experienced Yoga Teacher, Trainer and 5 x presenter at the International Kids Yoga Conference held annually in Washington DC. ​

Let's Teach Yoga To Teens

Single Payment

$1297 US

4 Payments

$345 US

8 Payments

$185 US

4 Month Online Teen Yoga + Leadership Certification Program Includes:      
8 hours of live  group training      
2 hours personal coaching      
16 Illustrated + customizable workbooks (yoga | athlete | catholic school versions)      
Complete teachers guide      
Business tips from studio owners and trainers      
Revenue building support for your studio, team or school    
Leadership opportunities for youth 

40 hours of instantly available supporting and instructional videos: ​

8 yoga philosophy concepts
50 Yoga Pose Techniques Training videos
8 Guided Meditations and Reflections
8 Breathing Techniques, some for energizing, some for relaxing
8 Mantras for making positive affirmations a daily habit
8 Mudras for grounding and mind + body connection ​

 Watch the Free Webinar Replay to learn more

More Than A Certification
this Teen Yoga + Leadership Program is an eight level customizable curriculum

Diversity makes our classrooms stronger. We are committed to accessible and inclusive education. ​

As a yoga or school teacher, coach, parent or counsellor, we invite you to learn and share this highly reputable, successful, interactive and practical program with the youth in your community.

Create meaningful impact in your community, inspire youth and generate more revenue for your business.

Confidently apply your skills to create a specialty niche for your business and master the market with this unique program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. You don't have to be a yoga teacher to take this training and offer the Teen Leadership program.  It is often taught by kids yoga teachers, coaches, school teachers, and counselors. The training explains everything you will be teaching and includes videos you can play to teens in your class if you choose.

There will be replays of all the zoom trainings.  If you miss it you can watch the replay.  You also get 2 hours of personal coaching with the program so you can get personalized attention in this time.

Yes!  The training includes copy to add the training to your website, help deciding what to charge, and help to customize the workbooks to work for your Teen Yoga offering.  The live training takes place over 4 months so you have time to implement what you learn and get support as you launch your program.

Yes, you will receive a 50 Hour Certificate for successful completion of the training.  If you are a yoga teacher, this program counts as 50 hours towards Continuing Education.  50 Hours will also count towards the 300 Hour yoga teacher training we will be offering at a future date.

We plan to offer the teen program with a live Zoom training in the fall of 2024, however the price will never be as low as it is for this live training launch.

Please be sure when you register by watching the free webinar and reviewing everything is included.  Once you have registered there are no refunds.

Claire And Aruna

Aruna and Claire have helped over 25 school owners get their Registered Yoga School (RYS) approved by Yoga Alliance. They have worked with Yoga Alliance so much over the past 10 years, that Yoga Alliance gave them their own account rep!  Their own RYS boasts 5 star reviews. They can make your path to offering yoga teacher training much easier. 

Course Pricing