Coaching to Plan a Yoga Teacher Training

Time Saving Guidance and Personal Coaching for Planning a Teacher Training, Writing a Manual, or Completing the Yoga Alliance RYS Application

You Don't Have to Do It Alone!

We know how frustrating and confusing the Yoga Alliance website and RYS application can be! Getting help from Yoga Alliance involves a long, slow chain of emails with them, hoping they actually answer your questions.

The first time we registered a Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, we interpreted the application requirements the wrong way and had to rewrite all the core competencies!  We wasted a lot of time.

As owners of an Yoga Teacher Training School (RYS), Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training School (RPYS), and Children's Yoga Teacher Training School (RCYS), we can help you avoid making the costly mistakes we made.

Turn Overwhelming into Understanding!
If you've been working on your yoga teacher training application but feel stuck or overwhelmed, this coaching can guide you to the easiest way to move forward and complete your yoga teacher training program.

We've helped more than 25 people register yoga schools with Yoga Alliance. We've successfully completed the RYS, RPYS, and RCYS applications. Our personalized coaching and mentorship will save you so much time and frustration.  You'll get the support you need to get your RYS approved by Yoga Alliance.

We've designed over 150 hours of self-paced training and 400 hours of real-time yoga teacher training. We can advise you on both recorded and real-time training methodologies so you create a training that students love. With a great delivery plan, you get great testimonials, build your reputation as a trainer, and get referrals to your YTT.

Let us support you to build a strong foundation and get your RYS approved.

Don't let another month or year go by without a training to offer your students!  

Who is this Coaching For?

  • Those who want to offer a 200, 300, or 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYS)
  • Those who want to offer a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (RPYS)
  • Those who want to offer a Children's Yoga Teacher Training (RCYS)
  • Experienced Yoga Teachers and Lead Trainers
  • Studio Owners, Health Club Owners, Educational Institutions who will hire Trainers to deliver a training

Help your dreams of offering yoga teacher training become a reality with personalized support and accountability.  

You don't have to struggle through it alone.  

How will Coaching Help You?

  • Help to plan the topics for your Educational Categories,
  • Help to plan your real-time and recorded training,
  • Help with your daily training schedule (delivery plan),
  • Best practices to write your training manual,
  • Guidance to prepare the Core Competencies for the RYS Applicaiton,
  • Guidance with all the other requirements for the RYS Application,
  • Answers to any questions you have about your training and the Yoga Alliance application.

Whatever questions you have about planning a Yoga Teacher Training, we will guide you on the best practices to save you time and energy and get your training completed.

1 Hour Coaching

Basic Mentorship for those who understand most of the Yoga Alliance RYS application but have a list of questions they need answered.  A one time laser- focused session to get over the hurdles you're experiencing as you plan your Yoga Teacher Training. 

3 x 1 Hour Coaching

Pro Mentorship for self-motivated individuals who want mid-level support. Typically one coaching session now, one as you write your manual and plan your daily schedule, then coaching to help you prepare the Core Competencies for your Yoga Alliance Application.

6 x 1 Hour Coaching

Master Mentorship sets you up with ongoing support and accountability to complete your YTT. Get time-saving guidance at each step as you plan your manual, daily schedule, assessments, recorded and live training, core competencies, educational categories, and the Yoga Alliance RYS application and approval process. 

Claire And Aruna

Aruna and Claire have helped over 25 school owners get their Registered Yoga School (RYS) approved by Yoga Alliance. They have worked with Yoga Alliance so much over the past 10 years, that Yoga Alliance gave them their own account rep!  Their own RYS boasts 5 star reviews. They can make your path to offering yoga teacher training much easier. 

Get Personalized Support to get Your RYS Approved!

  • 1 Hour Coaching
  • $150 USD

    1 Hour Personalized Support

    Basic Mentorship
  • 1 hour coaching sessions to be used within 1 month
  • Overcome hurdles with your manual, schedule + YA Application
  • A Laser-focused Personalized Coaching Session
  • 3 Hours Coaching
  • $395 USD

    3 Hours Personalized Support

    Pro Mentorship
  • 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions to be used within 6 months
  • Mid-level support for self-motivated individuals
  • Choose your coaching times when you need it.
  • 6 Hours Coaching
  • $595 USD

    6 Hours of Personalized Support

    Master Mentorship
  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions to be used within 12 months
  • Ongoing support with Experienced Mentors
  • Accountability to get it done!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once you register for a coaching package, you'll have instant access to our calendar to choose a time for your first meeting. You'll be able to book a meeting time at the first available time with either Aruna or Claire (often as early as two days later).  You'll receive the meeting Zoom link automatically by e-mail and before you know it you'll be getting personalized support!

Unfortunately the hour cannot be divided into shorter sessions. The one hour coaching sessions are full of personal support and information to help you move forward with your planning. We allow up to 15 minutes of extra time at no charge for the first session.

Because of the complexity of planning a training, we have found that shorter sessions are very difficult to keep on time.  

We recommend you write down all your questions and bring them to a one hour session. If you need less than one hour of support, see the next FAQ for all the ways we can support you in that hour.

This coaching is for people who are writing their own Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).  We're not gonna lie, completing a YTT takes a lot of work! You probably know this if you've been thinking of offering a YTT for a while. We believe this coaching can save you valuable time but we do not write your manual and plan your schedule for you, completing your YTT will depend on you.

We offer no guarantees around completing your training and there are no refunds.  

We have a 5-Star 200 Hour Training that we license out and guarantee. If you want a guarantee, please check out that resource under "All Courses" and look for Yoga Alliance Trainer Fast Track. If you find yourself struggling to complete your training on your own, we offer a credit from your coaching purchase towards the Trainer Fast Track program.  The Fast Track program includes a complete manual, daily schedule (Trainer Lesson Plans), and you can assign us as your Syllabus Manager and we'll enter the Core Curriculum for your YA RYS application.  We can guarantee you an approved RYS with the Trainer Fast Track program because it's already complete and has already been approved.

This one-to-one coaching program is an alternative to the Yoga Trainer Fast Track and recommended for those who want to DIY their Yoga Teacher Training.

If you don't need a full hour of coaching or decide not to write your own training, you are welcome to use your coaching for any topics related to your yoga business.

We have been teaching yoga for a combined 45 years!  

We have an RYS, RCYS, (children's) and RPYS (prenatal)

We have hosted numerous workshops and retreats, lived in ashrams, traveled to India, joined movements, left movements, and owned 2 storefront yoga studios. We've been full-time teachers and at times, taken jobs to support our passion.  We won't judge your decisions, we'll offer our full support on your chosen path.

If there is something you want to explore as a yoga teacher, we can share our experience and insights to make your coaching time worth it!

This coaching program does not include a manual, it does not include materials for your RYS application.

This is one-to-one coaching to support people who are writing their own training.  

If you wish you had a yoga teacher training that was already written and complete, check out the Yoga Alliance Trainer Fast Track Program. It literally has everything you need!

If you feel STUCK - it's time for some expert support!

We've learned the Yoga Alliance RYS application inside and out, so you don't have to.
Schedule an appointment today for the best service in town and get your yoga teacher training completed.

You'll be glad you did!